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Bedlam Bazaar
How to use your fabric addition to a good cause...
What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?

Personally I don't think a book on how to build a pipe bomb or similar ilk should be in any library. You want to build a bomb, learn by trial and error. There are some that are not age appropriate, after all I didn't get to read the "grownup books" until I was over 18. Books don't have to be banned only small minds should be banned.

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Okay, here is my entry to Duchess Willow's Treasure Contest.  I found it at the resale shop in Montgomery County that the proceeds go to the Women's Shelter.  It is solid brass.  Has 4 strange dragrons on it supporting the candle holders.  The bass is very similar to the Green Man.  I use it in my canvas tent with battery operated candles.

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Sigh... I've decided to quit smoking.  Mainly because I refuse to pay higher taxes to support others who don't pay taxes.  Not sure what the cranky factor will be but all my friends have been warned to expect me to turn into a raving monster.

So far I don't miss the nicotine, it's the hand/mouth thing that is driving me bonkers.  Straws don't work, neither do pencils or cinnamon sticks.  Can't use the patches as they cause a rash.  The gum, forget it I don't do gum.  The thingys you suck on blister my tongue. 

So I'm trying the inhaler thingy simply because at least I can pretend to smoke.  Don't tell me how much better I'll feel or how much better things will taste.  Cranky does not equate to feeling better.  Somethings you really don't want to know how they really taste or they'll get spit out in a very un-ladylike manner.

GROAN... why couldn't they pick something else to tax?

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Okay, so my idea of a fighting tabard is different from what a customer wants.  No problem, I'll make them and I'm having fun doing them.  I only have FIVE to make between now and the Friday before Gulf Wars.  Thankfully they are in linen which is wonderful to sew.  It's just a major problem to wash, dry, and iron the heavy linen... all 15 yards of one piece and various other yardages of other colors.

Once I have them done I need to come up with a design/picture of what a 12th Century Celtic gown would look like.  My idea based on history is way different from what the person is talking about.  She's thinking more 'costume' with the kirtle, laced bodice and chemise.

Why Oh Why did I decide to quit smoking now?  It is so much easier to think and design with a cigarette.

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September 19-21, 2008!  Come one, Come all... 

Please be nice to me as I'll be working the first shift on the Troll.

I will be in my non-leaking tent... so I don't care if it rains or not.

See you there.............
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I am not a tiny person.  Haven't been since the day I was born.  I joined the SCA and discovered that my sewing skills are quite handy.  Unless I want to pay a zillion extra dollars because I am LARGE on the top as well as the bottom for garb.  So... since my partner in crime in the SCA is tiny and way shorter than me, Bedlam Bazaar was created.  Our workshop is almost complete.  My hordes of fabric, trim and Kuchi jewelry will be tranferred to the workshop soon which means I'll have 1/2 of my almost 2k sq foot house back.  YEAH!  

We have tested our pantaloons on a couple of different Tribal dancers.  Guess What?!  The crotch doesn't split out and show your underwear or lack thereof.  They also work well on men.

Plus we figured out a way to 'extend' those beautiful decorated belts that the dancers wear without them looking like "Oh well lets just add 15 inches to it so a 'normal' person can wear it even if it looks ugly".

Guess I better get ready to go play cards.  Hopefully today I'll win and not have to Suck High In T***y.

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